Restaurant Review: King’s Pommes Frites

King’s Pommes Frites
255 Main Street
Cornwall, NY 12518
(845) 534-1500

One of the great things about living in the area we do is access to all kinds of different food. If you’re feeling like Mexican, Thai, Spanish or Chinese, you’re not too far away (though I do wish we had a Greek place in the neighborhood). Any time we see a new restaurant going in somewhere, we get really excited and we’re not the only ones. When a Chilis opened up in Newburgh, it took three to four weeks to actually get in without waiting 45 minutes or more. I wish I was joking, but I’m not.

So, when we saw a tiny place in Cornwall with pommes frites on the sign (French for French fries), we got jazzed. We’ve been to King’s probably a half dozen times since it opened in the last six months and every single time it has been a wonderful experience. Here’s the deal. Every day you can roll in and order varying sizes of fries accompanied by 31 different dipping sauces. In addition, they have daily specials that you can keep up with by liking them on Facebook. To let you know how much I like this place, they’re one of the handful of things I actually like on Facebook. Some days, I only use FB to see what King’s has on schedule for the day. I’m talking everything from barbecue ribs and bleu cheese burgers to fritatas and pot roast. I’ve never had anything bad at King’s and the best part is that the meals they cook would be perfectly at place on any menu in town, but they’re made even better by being placed on fries!

Speaking of restaurants, the place itself is actually pretty small with a few tables plus a bar type set-up looking out on Main Street Cornwall. The tables have these holes cut into them that allow you to very neatly place your cone of fries or even a dipping sauce in. The decor is nice without being too much, but the real focus is on the food.

Last week my wife had been keeping an eye on King’s FB page and was very excited about the burger specials. They had both cheese and bleu. We wound up ordering one of each for dinner and had a wonderful time sitting on our living room floor shoveling fries into our mouths. I hadn’t really been paying attention, so I didn’t realize that my cheeseburger special was actually ground beef and cheese sauce over a basket of fries with ketchup. It was wonderful. Not the kind of food you’d probably want to eat every day and still stay in a modicum of shape, but a delightful treat every now and then.

Overall, King’s is a great restaurant in its own right, but also makes a great addition to Cornwall’s already awesome selection of eateries like Woody’s, Painter’s Tavern, The River Bank, Fiddlestix and Prima’s. Do yourself a favor and get some fries!

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