Bonus Food Pic: Justin’s Ommy From Fiddlestix

319 Main Street
Cornwall, NY 12558
(845) 534-3866

I fully intended to do a post on this meal from a few weeks back at Fiddlestix, an amazing breakfast/lunch place in nearby Cornwall that always features a variety of specials. Being a huge fan of mixing things up, I love going there. It also doesn’t hurt that the food–whether from the menu or a special–is consistently fantastic. Since the above picture of Justin’s Ommy was a special and I accidentally deleted the notes I took on the dish, you’ll have to settle for this picture. If memory serves (and it doesn’t always) I think the omelet had bleu cheese, roast beef and caramelized onions. Mushrooms might have also been involved. The salty, sweet and sourish flavors bounced off of one another and then fit together so well that I’m kind of amazed that this isn’t a standard omelet offering on every menu everywhere. I guess I do remember the meal better than I thought! That’s because it’s one of the best things I’ve ever eaten there.

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