Pizza Party: Painter’s Wild Mushroom Ricotta Focaccia

I’ve been trying to cook a lot more, so you probably won’t be seeing as many Bonus Food Pics on here, but we do tend to get around on the weekend to a few places. At around 3:00PM last Saturday, we headed over to the wonderful Painter’s in Cornwall. Thanks to the hour, we got there before the lunch menu turned into the dinner menu and were able to nosh on a smaller portion of their epic nachos and then a few of their focaccia pizzas. I went with the Wild Mushroom Ricotta one which also included caramelized onions, spinach, truffle oil and smoked Gouda. This was a darn good pizza (I almost said pie, but I guess that’s not really appropriate). I don’t think I’ve ever had Gouda on a pizza, but it was a wonderful addition I’d like to experiment with in my own pizza making. The flavor combinations were great and tasted as good the next day when I ate it for breakfast.

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