This Progresso Commercial Fills Me With A Very Specific Kind Of Rage

Every single time I see the above commercial for Progresso’s Recipe Starters I let out an audible sigh of rage. It’s not that a company has created something to help home cooks get one step closer to their meal that bugs me. Instead, I find the character of the Progresso chef here to be so patronizing and insulting that it boils my blood. Why shouldn’t that lady make her own fire roasted tomatoes or churn her own butter? You can buy tomato sauce or spend a day making your own, like I did. I don’t want to get too soapbox-y, but there really is something primal and satisfying about spending the time in your kitchen making some of the basic ingredients we tend to take for granted and just pick up off the shelves. I know people are busy and can’t always do that — which is the need the product fills — I just wish they’d taken a less insulting approach to getting their product out in the public consciousness.

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