Restaurant Review: Lititz Family Cupboard

Lititz Family Cupboard

Lititz Family Cupboard
12 West Newport Road
Lititz, PA 17543-8019
(717) 626-9102

As I chronicled over in my photo diary (here and here), we went down to Lancaster, Pennsylvania for our friends’ wedding this past weekend. We got in Friday night, hung out with some friends and then went to bed. On Saturday, we had some time before more friends and my parents got in town so we looked around on Urban Spoon for a place that might serve country/Amish food and came across Lititz Family Cupboard.

Beef Cubes & Gravy

Family Cupboard had a pretty sizable buffet that I scoped out, but because we were going to a wedding and reception later that day, I went with just one meal. I can get a little crazy when it comes to buffets. My wife doesn’t have the same problem, so she went for it and enjoyed everything she had, especially their homemade pies which she really dug. I went with Beef Cubes and Gravy because it sounded good, hearty and it came on mashed potatoes which I order whenever I can.

Mac & Cheese side

For my side, I kept things light by ordering macaroni and cheese, another food that I order pretty much every opportunity I get. So, how was everything? Pretty darn good. The mashed potatoes and gravy were top notch. Not as good as my mom’s, but that’s how it goes with such things. The beef was a little bland, but I added some salt and the world was good. The mac and cheese was great with the perfect amount of cheese. After eating a few bites of each, I decided to combine the mac and cheese with the potatoes and beef cubes. It was one of my better decisions as the cheese and gravy mixed together to make something pretty special.

I’d definitely recommend checking out Lititz Family Cupboard if you’re in the Lancaster, PA area. The people there were really nice, the buffet would have been my jam were we not going to a wedding and the overall atmosphere was pleasant. They also have a separate bakery where you can buy cookies, pies, cakes and the like. My wife got a whoopie pie that she really liked and I had a coffee that was rock solid. My only regret is not trying the pig stomach from the buffet as I’m trying to broaden by organ meet horizons.